The Man Who Gave Us Pantsuits and Trench Coats

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6 responses to “The Man Who Gave Us Pantsuits and Trench Coats

  1. Peter Litwack

    Looks like an interesting article


  2. Judith B. LaMar

    This link worked for me: got article. I went into the existing museum in Marrakech…now a big new one. We saw there house, painted bright blue, cactus garden. I was in heaven. The Man Who Gave Us Trench Coats and Pantsuits

  3. Ernest Suravo

    A beautiful testimony to the genius
    and creativity of fashion’s best

  4. Olon

    Both museums are the perfect settings for his prolific and versatile fashion influence.

  5. Anna Urrea

    I find this closing comment especially interesting.
    “Today there are three fashion companies—Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo,” he says. “The lifestyle that created haute couture has disappeared. What happened to haute couture will happen to ready-to-wear.”
    Does he mean that ready-to-wear will also disappear because the lifestyle that created it will disappear? Wonder what that new culture will be/look/feel like? I want to stick around to check it out!

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