One of The Greatest English Painters of the Nineteenth Century


The current exhibit at the De Young Museum is a rare opportunity to see a total of 60 magnificent works by J.M.W. Turner.

This exhibit will be there until September 20th.

(Worth the effort to go into San Francisco)!

Be sure to read this link:


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7 responses to “One of The Greatest English Painters of the Nineteenth Century

  1. Judith B. LaMar

    Great! I was lucky to see an exhibit of his at the Nat’l. Gallery a few years ago. Such an inspiration. Went to the Met with a visiting friend and we saw the China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit in the costume institute and in the other Chinese galleries. It was a mind blower, a Chinese movie director was the art director.. Film, costume. Overwhelmingly stunning.

  2. Prof Bruce Elliott


    This is indeed a fantastic exhibit. From the de Young website, I had no idea the size of the show – I still have to go back for another viewing!

    Hope to see you in Berkeley in January, Bruce

    • I also plan to go back for a second viewing and wanted to urge others to do the same, but did not want to be too pushy, often getting there once is a great accomplishment.
      Looking forward to your next course. Please send info. So I can share it with readers.

  3. Peter Litwack

    I’ve been to the Turner exhibit — fantastic! I also watched the movie “Mr. Turner,” before going to the exhibit. It definitely enhanced my appreciation of him.

    Thanks, PL >

  4. Dio you recommend seeing the movie as well?
    Thank you for your comment.

  5. Peter Litwack

    Yes — I highly recommend seeing Mr. Turner. It’s a great movie!

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