Donna is Done?!

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5 responses to “Donna is Done?!

  1. Lee Mangus

    She didn’t leave a successor, unlike what Anne Klein left to her and Louis Dell’Olio. One more end of an era.

  2. Peter Litwack

    Not a big fan of her designs . . . but then again, I’m not a woman. I just don’t think she ever did anything especially beautiful, though my exposure is limited, of course.

    Thanks for the article.

    PL >

  3. D.J.

    Enjoyed the Donna Karan article. Here is a video I found that I thought you and your readers might enjoy about Donna and her story.

    • Thank you for link on Donna Karan. I particularly enjoyed the images of her as well as her early designs for woman. If Peter takes a look at this, (see comment above) he might reconsider her clothing designs; and see the subtle, sensual beauty she crested primarily through the use of knits. Coco Chanel of course was the first known designer who created her early pieces using jersey knit.

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