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Last fall I saw the first screening of this very engaging documentary about a charismatic and brilliant architect named Eugene Tssui. His design visions are most unusual (which are primarily based on his observations in nature) and quiet extreme. I found myself drawn in by his determination, high energy, and courage to make his designs a living reality (that are more often blocked than approved by committees which are used to more traditional styles of architecture). See what you think?

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2 responses to “Inspiring New Documentary

  1. Shibui…or hade? Kind of cool either way.

  2. Elaine C Johnson

    I’ve never heard of Eugene Tssui. However, I did go twice to the Charles James exhibit during my short time in NYC. The first time the technology distracted me from the garments. The second time I was able to see how profoundly sensual they are. I got a kick out of trying to figure out which “Harmony” would wear each piece best. So many of them suit Striking Contrast types best, but there were pieces that we Earthy Rich souls would look good in. I also paid attention to edges and seams–his seams are so important. A very worthwhile exhibit.

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