Too Busy For Pants

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Click Here to check out this timely article on pants!


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12 responses to “Too Busy For Pants


    Great article – my friend Sandra brought it to me the other day. Kinda puts jeans on the back burner! lol


  2. Heather Kaney

    I love my “reloved” Hue deep purple jeggings (I’m 80% Subtle Blended) that I got for $10 up here on Vancouver Island, BC Canada at a consignment store. I can stylishly wear them out for lunch with girlfriends and then head to the gym afterwards for my workout.

  3. cancersister

    Thanks, Hella. I don’t often read the style section of the Chronicle but I did see this and rejoice! You know why! I immediately went online to find out more. Can’t wait to get some fashionable sweats! Happy New Year, Jane

  4. Your welcome! I usually don’t find much in the SF Chronicle Style section these days….too bad, but this was a good one!

  5. Elaine C Johnson

    I was mildly horrified–maybe I have too much Classic to think of wearing leggings or sweats “out to for lunch with girlfriends” and then heading “to the gym afterwards,” although wearing them does make it easy to think of dropping in at the gym. Comfortable, yes. Elegant? Jury is still out, IMO.

    • A natural response for sure, but if you look further there is a way that this works for EVERY body type and color harmony! Just takes some experimenting/work to finding the right style lines for you…its out there, trust me, I understand.

    • Heather Kaney

      Hi Elaine, I’m 30% Classic. (Also, 45% Romantic.) How much are you? I wear my HUE aubergine jeggings with leather rose gold boots and then when I get to the gym I change into “runners” as they call them up here in British Columbia.

  6. Juliet Jenkins

    Interesting article. Good news that comfy is ok !

  7. Anna Urrea

    thanks for posting this — always want to stay “relevant”!

    loved the line in last paragraph – “A consumer’s choice to buy traditional sportswear versus athleisure may boil down to her age.” hmmmmm……….

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