Charles James Exhibit

James in 1948. Dior called him “the greatest talent of my generation,” but he was often too early to get credit for his breakthroughs.

If you happen to be in NYC, be sure to see this amazing exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art of a largely unknown American Fashion designer whom Christian Dior called “the greatest talent of my generation.” Like most of us, if you cannot go, please enjoy the following article by Judith Thurman.

Click Here to read the article.


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8 responses to “Charles James Exhibit

  1. Fabulous article. Reading it was like finding buried treasure. Thanks, Hella!

  2. Hella, Thank you for posting this. I just bought the book of James’ exhibit from the Metropolitan and feel like I discovered a new Balenciaga. His idealized forms are just beautiful and the photographs in the book are good quality. I’m looking forward to reading more on your blogs.

  3. Elaine C Johnson

    I hope to go to the Charles James exhibit a week from next Thursday! Will report back if successful.

  4. Connie Allen

    I was visiting the Met for the first time two weeks ago and chose this exhibit as one to see. I LOVED IT!! I’d never heard of Charles James and found his gowns and designs to be breath-taking. Another very cool thing about the exhibit is they have many of his quotes on the walls. I loved this as much as the clothing. I would have enjoyed him as a person.

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