Charles James Exhibition Book

IMG_3960I highly recommend this book that accompanies the current Charles James exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is like taking an arm-chair tour through the exhibit itself. An experience that is visually rich, satisfying, inspiring, and at times, simply breathtaking. Charles James belongs on the same page as Yves Saint Laurent, Cristobal Balenciaga, and Coco Chanel, as one of the most prolific, original, and brilliant designers in the history of fashion.


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5 responses to “Charles James Exhibition Book

  1. Judy LaMar

    Will look for the book in Barnes and Noble…have a latte and enjoy!
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Reblogged this on timetowritenow and commented:
    If you are interested in fashion, check out the new blog, hellafashionow. Here is a book she recommends.

  3. Heather Kaney

    Read the article on Charles James in
    The New Yorker. Was interesting to note that he invented the Infinity Scarf, which is certainly the rage up here.

    • I was struck by that too, good point and so glad you mentioned it. I believe the Infinity Scarf is everywhere and is now a “basic” in the scarf options world. He was really ahead of his time!

  4. Judy LaMar

    He also designed the first “puffy” jacket!

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