Out Loud: Judith Thurman on Fashion

Just discovered a fantastic podcast of Judith Thurman (author of the Charles James article).

Click Here to listen to the Judith Thurman podcast.


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3 responses to “Out Loud: Judith Thurman on Fashion

  1. Judy LaMar

    Oh, so so enjoyable ! Posted it on FB. Thank you for finding it.

  2. Judy LaMar

    What a great find…got me dreaming…back in time. Fashion first loves. My dream at age 16…20 would have been to be in a Paris couture showing. Fortunately, I had a clothing and textile tour of Europe in 3rd summer of Syracuse. So I did get close to that dream. Especially Emilio Pucci in Florence…his atelier…he came out with a few models. Asked us “What was different about these palazzo pants?” I raised my hand “No seams!”.

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